Securing Our Nation

A Commitment to Strength and Stability

In an era marked by global uncertainties and emerging threats, Paul's stance on national security is unwavering – a testament to his dedication to safeguarding Missouri and the United States. He believes in a robust and proactive approach to national defense, ensuring that our nation remains a beacon of strength and stability in a turbulent world.

Paul's vision for national security is rooted in the principles of preparedness, vigilance, and strategic alliances. He understands that the safety of Missouri's citizens and the integrity of our nation are paramount. His commitment to a strong national defense is not just about military might; it's about fostering a sense of security that allows every Missourian to thrive.

Recognizing the complex nature of global politics, Paul advocates for a foreign policy that is firm yet measured. He understands the delicate balance between defending our interests and engaging in unnecessary conflicts. His approach is clear: protect American citizens and allies, deter aggression, and maintain our nation's position as a leader on the world stage.

Paul is particularly mindful of the challenges posed by nations like Russia and their actions in regions such as Ukraine. He supports strategic responses that protect our allies and uphold international norms, while avoiding entanglement in conflicts that do not serve our national interest. His policy is one of strength, diplomacy, and unwavering commitment to our allies.

Under Paul's leadership, Missouri will stand as a proud supporter of our armed forces and a staunch advocate for policies that ensure our nation's security and prosperity. He is dedicated to ensuring that our military is well-equipped, our veterans are well-cared for, and our state is a strong link in the chain of national defense.

Join Paul in his mission to fortify our national security, where vigilance and strength pave the way for a future of peace and prosperity. Together, we will ensure that Missouri and the United States remain safe, respected, and prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.


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There is no question that the 2024 election cycle will set the future of both Missouri and America. Democrats do not threaten the greatness of Missouri. Our true enemies are elected RINOs who claim to support our Patriot public policy and sell us down the river the moment they arrive in Jefferson City. 

The only thing more powerful than campaign donations is the will of Missouri voters dedicated to reaching out to their neighbors, friends, and family on behalf of our Missouri First public policy agenda. Close statewide elections are won in Missouri by establishing campaign sign locations, phone banking, door-to-door voter engagement, and election-day poll workers.

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