Defending Our Second Amendment Rights

A Cornerstone of Freedom

In the heartland of America, the right to bear arms is not just a constitutional mandate; it's a cherished part of our heritage. Paul stands unwavering in his commitment to uphold and defend the Second Amendment, recognizing it as a fundamental pillar of our freedom and security.

Paul's vision is clear: a Missouri where law-abiding citizens exercise their right to bear arms responsibly, safeguarding themselves, their families, and their communities. He understands that the right to self-defense is intrinsic to the fabric of our liberty, and he is dedicated to ensuring that this right is preserved and protected against any encroachment.

Under Paul's leadership, Missouri will see policies that respect the rights of gun owners while promoting safety and training. He advocates for legislation that empowers individuals to defend themselves, recognizing that a well-armed and well-trained citizenry is a deterrent to crime and a bulwark against tyranny.

Paul also recognizes the importance of mental health in the conversation about gun rights. He is committed to addressing this critical issue, ensuring that support and resources are available to those in need, while upholding the rights of all citizens.

In a world where the rights of gun owners are increasingly under scrutiny, Paul stands as a steadfast guardian of the Second Amendment. He believes in a balanced approach that respects the rights of individuals while maintaining public safety – a true reflection of Missouri's values.

Join Paul in championing a future where our Second Amendment rights are not just protected but celebrated as a symbol of our enduring commitment to freedom and security. Together, we will ensure that Missouri remains a state where the spirit of the Second Amendment lives on, strong and unyielding.


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There is no question that the 2024 election cycle will set the future of both Missouri and America. Democrats do not threaten the greatness of Missouri. Our true enemies are elected RINOs who claim to support our Patriot public policy and sell us down the river the moment they arrive in Jefferson City. 

The only thing more powerful than campaign donations is the will of Missouri voters dedicated to reaching out to their neighbors, friends, and family on behalf of our Missouri First public policy agenda. Close statewide elections are won in Missouri by establishing campaign sign locations, phone banking, door-to-door voter engagement, and election-day poll workers.

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