Safeguarding Our Communities

The United States of America leads the World in illegal immigration, with over 2.5 million illegal immigrant encounters in the year 2023 alone. Despite the founding principle of the United States of America being a nation of immigrants, illegal immigration provides for over 3 percent of the total population of our Nation. Illegal immigrants, by definition, live in the shadows of the United States of America and are exploited by “under the table” employment, subpar living arrangements, and fear of seeking protection from our criminal justice system.

A bi-partisan plurality of our citizens recognizes that mass deportations of families who have resided in the United States of America for decades is simply not a feasible Federal response, regardless of such citizen’s political affiliation or viewpoint on illegal immigrants. As an example, there are approximately 1.7 million people currently incarcerated in Federal and state corrections facilities, and there are over 11.8 million illegal aliens in the United States.

Unfortunately, there are no reasonable public policy solutions to resolve illegal immigration to the satisfaction of Democrats or Republicans in the United States of America. State and local governments across the United States are beyond frustrated with the failures of our Federal government to address illegal border crossings. We can not wait for our Federal government to protect Missouri from border security issues. The impact of these failures on our communities is significant, affecting public safety, resources, and the overall well-being of our citizens. It's imperative that we take proactive steps at the state level to address these challenges, ensuring the safety and prosperity of Missouri's residents.

Illegal Immigration Missouri Solutions

As your next Missouri Lt. Governor, I will fight for the following public policy to protect Missourians from the collateral effect of illegal immigration in the United States.

  • Pass a Missouri resolution seeking the United States Congress to increase the troop strength of the Missouri National Guard by 1,000 troops, who shall be deployed to the southern border of the United States to fight human and narcotics smuggling criminal organizations.
  • Pass a Missouri law that provides any person who knowingly transports any illegal alien to the State of Missouri shall be guilty of human trafficking and be subject to a 20-year minimum prison sentence.
  • Pass a Missouri law that provides any person who knowingly transports or imports any methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, or similar substance into Missouri for unlawful distribution purposes shall be guilty of dangerous narcotics distribution and be subject to a 20-year minimum prison sentence.
  • Pass a Missouri law that provides no local, county, or public subdivision, or Missouri shall not expend any tax dollars towards providing for any illegal alien within Missouri unless such provision to an illegal alien is mandated by Federal law.

My proposed Missouri illegal immigration plan of action will not resolve the failures of our Federal government related to stopping illegal immigration and drug importation into the United States.


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There is no question that the 2024 election cycle will set the future of both Missouri and America. Democrats do not threaten the greatness of Missouri. Our true enemies are elected RINOs who claim to support our Patriot public policy and sell us down the river the moment they arrive in Jefferson City. 

The only thing more powerful than campaign donations is the will of Missouri voters dedicated to reaching out to their neighbors, friends, and family on behalf of our Missouri First public policy agenda. Close statewide elections are won in Missouri by establishing campaign sign locations, phone banking, door-to-door voter engagement, and election-day poll workers.

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